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Powder coating of products has already proven itself as an innovative, waste-free and eco-friendly technology for producing decorative coatings. Thanks to the powder, the surface is long-living and resistant to various negative influences.

About 80% of the powder paint is used for painting various metal surfaces

But this area is successfully developing. Already, powder paint can be applied to MDF with excellent coverage.

Today we will tell about the advantages of MDF powder coating and how the paint can be applied on this material.

Порошковая покраска МДФ

Advantages of powder coating of MDF

Due to the properties of powder paint, applying it on MDF greatly increases the life of these panels. This is probably the main advantage of MDF powder coating. But not the only one.

MDF powder coating has a more uniform coating than liquid paint.

The powder lies perfectly on profiled, embossed and milled surfaces. It perfectly covers sharp corners and oblique sections. This means that there are new opportunities for designers.

Thanks to the presence of various structures of paints, it is possible to realize absolutely any decisions.

Edging materials are not required for edge trim. That is, no gaps accumulate between the edge and the plate in which dirt accumulates.

Another important advantage of MDF powder coating is the economy of the paint and the absolute safety of operation.

Порошковая краска для МДФ

Problems of MDF coating 

Painters who cover MDF with powder paint can have several problems.

First: the low thermal conductivity of the panels compared to the metal surfaces.

Second: gases are created on the surface of the MDF, which create defects in the coating. This is because the MDF is characterized by high humidity and the polymerization of the paint requires a temperature of 150 ° C to 200-220 ° C.

Third: due to the peculiarities of the structure of the material, there is no smooth coating.

Methods of powder coating of MDF

The first method of painting panels is preheating.

MDF is placed in an drying or polymerization furnace for 20 minutes at 80-120 ° C. Immediately afterwards, the panel is suspended in a dye furnace and applied with powder. Next, the painted panel is sent to the polymerization furnace for 10 minutes at 150 ° C.

Due to warming powder paint settles better on the surface. This results in a much better and smoother finish.

The second method of MDF coating is the preliminary application of primers (soil solutions) to the surface. Thanks to a special primer based on conductive substances, powder paint fits well on the surface.

A primer is applied to the panel. After applying the primer, it should be left for a while until it is completely dry.

The treated and dried panel is placed in the painting chamber and applied to the paint. The MDF is then sent to the polymerization furnace for 10 minutes at 150°C.

Both methods help to avoid degassing on the surface of the panels.

For details on both methods of applying powder paint on MDF, see the "Technologist's Diary". Lakover technologist Oles Lastivka shows step by step both methods of MDF preparation and compares the result.

4 powder coating TYPES

Various options for appearance and degree of surface gloss

General characteristics of Lacover coatings



and answers

About company

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

In the presence of powder coating Lacover in the warehouse, delivery from 1 kg is possible.

Is it possible to customize the order with the color we need?

Individual order is possible. Ordering from 100 kg we select the color according to the reference color samples RAL 841-GL or customer samples.

How long does production takes to order?

The standard production time is up to 10 days.


About powder coating

What is powder coating?

Special polyester, epoxy resins and their mixtures, pigments and other special additives are mixed, melted and extruded into a thin plate that is crushed, grinded and fractionated. As a result, particles of finished powder coating with a size of 10 to 100 μm are obtained.

How to calculate the rate of consumption of powder coating per 1 m2?

The consumption of powder coating is affected by its composition, density, ability to recover. The rate of consumption per 1m2:
Wrinkle - 150 - 180 g;
Antique - 150 - 250 g;
Gloss - 80 - 110 gr.

At what temperature powder coating can be stored and used?

The temperature in the room where the powder coating is stored must not be below +5 C. When applying the paint indoors, it is recommended to observe the temperature regime from +15 C to +20 C, and also maintain a relative humidity of not more than 80%.

What type of powder coating is suitable for outdoor products?

The least sensitive are polyester powder coating.

What happens if you mix polyester and epoxy-polyester paint?

Mixing of these types of paint leads to the appearance of defects in the surface to be painted. The appearance of spots, craters on the coating, gloss reduction are possible. When moving from one type of paint to another, it is necessary to clean the equipment thoroughly.

What is Qualicoat?

Qualicoat (in translation - quality coverage) is an organization created in 1986 to carry out certification and issue licenses for the use of this quality mark. The organization determines the list of requirements for the quality of coating and equipment of production to ensure a high level of product quality.

About the application technology

Do you need a qualified painter for powder coating?

You do not have to be a professional. It is possible to obtain a uniform, high-quality coating without special qualification.

Is it possible to sandblast the surface for powder coating?

It is possible. When working with sandblasting equipment, the adhesion of the coating improves, rust and scale are well removed from the metal.

How to protect from painting individual parts of products?

Places that are not subject to staining, covered with paper tape, reusable cork of silicone, withstand high temperatures.

What happens when there is insufficient surface cleaning?

When applying powder coating on a poorly cleaned surface, a poor adhesion of the paint to the surface may be possible, the paint may peel off, be subjected to increased corrosion. During the polymerization, craters and spots can form.

Why does the powder coating stick to the product badly, although it is grounded?

Most often this happens when the suspension is unclean after the previous staining. The resistance between the product in the chamber and the ground bus must be no more than 4 ohms. Poor grounding leads to electric shocks, over-consumption of paint or non-color of the product.

About the equipment

What is the heat exchanger necessary for?

The recuperator collects and allows the use of a secondary powder that does not settle on the product during painting.

What is the mains voltage needed to operate the powder coating equipment?

The operation of the polymerisation oven and the powder spraying chamber is 380V.

What equipment to choose for the application of powder coating: electrostatic or tribostatic?

Electrostatic equipment is more productive, regardless of the type of paint, more durable and less sensitive to moisture.

Tribostatic plants allow you to obtain a more even, high-quality coating on complex shape parts.

How can I clean and clean the spray chamber when changing colors?

It is convenient to use a special industrial electric or pneumatic vacuum cleaner to clean the spraying chambers. The usual household vacuum cleaner can not be used, it breaks down when the paint particles hit the electric motor, where it melts and creates a layer of electrical insulation.

How to check the cleanliness of compressed air?

It is necessary to control the purity of compressed air, periodically directing a strong jet on paper or a mirror for one minute and checking the blown surface for contaminants.

On the result of painting

Does the powder coating damage the product if it is bent?

Products with applied powder coating can be collected, bent and molded without affecting the coating.

Why did the surface covered with powder coating, after polymerization, look like the skin of an orange?

It is recommended to check and adjust the thickness of the paint application and increase the temperature in the polymerisation furnace.

What is the cause of yellowing of the painted surface?

The preparation of such a shade is possible at too high a temperature and a long polymerization time.

Why are the surfaces painted with one paint have a different shade?

The reason may be different duration and polymerization temperature. It is also possible that the thickness of the paint application differs or the surface of the product is poorly prepared.

What could be the cause of the appearance of craters on the coated surface?

Deepening in the form of craters are formed with insufficient preparation and cleaning of the surface of the product. It is also necessary to check the air supply settings in the equipment.


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Main information on powder coating

Industrial chemistry has developed a huge number of diverse dyes, among which powder coating easily took one of the leading positions.

Powder coating is a durable polymer coating with anti-corrosion properties, resistant to external environmental factors, and also withstand chemical and mechanical effects.

The coating is made from a fine powder polymer, into which resin-forming resins, hardeners, color pigments, fillers and other additives are introduced.

Advantages of powder coating

Powder coating have a number of significant advantages, namely:

  • High fire resistance due to the absence of solvents and catalysts when used;
  • Long service lifetime of the coating;
  • Moisture resistance;
  • High speed of solidification of paint on the surface;
  • Apply the required thickness of paint from the first time;
  • The possibility of re-use of material that has not settled on the painted surface;
  • Easy to apply even in hard-to-reach places;
  • Environmentally friendly: after drying, the paint is harmless to the environment;
  • Easy storage, compared to liquid paints;
  • Do not require special care;
  • Resistance to wide temperature ranges;
  • Excellent corrosion protection;
  • Good electrical insulation;
  • Powder coating are executed in the RAL color palette, so they can easily become a tool for bold design decisions. It is also possible to imitate the surface for various textures;
  • To work with powder coating, it is not necessary to be a professional.

What you can apply the powder coating on

Before you buy powder coating, you need to determine what kind of product it will be used for and choose from four options:

  • Polyester;
  • Epoxy;
  • Epoxy-polyester;
  • With special effects.

Polyester coatings, as a rule, are applied to objects of external use: cars and transport equipment, billboards, playgrounds, lanterns, fences and other products exposed to the active effects of atmospheric phenomena.

Epoxy coatings have special protective properties against corrosion and chemical influences. Are applied on: industrial objects and the equipment, furniture accessories, pipelines, fire extinguishers.

Epoxy-polyester coatings are applied to products that are used indoors: household appliances (plates, refrigerators, microwave ovens), computer cases, electronic devices.

Also with the help of powder coating you can achieve various effects, namely:

  • The effect of aged metal (antique);
  • imitation of the skin of a lizard or crocodile;
  • metallic;
  • orange peel;
  • marble and others.

The process of staining

The paint particles are electrified, delivered to the surface to be painted, then polymerized at 140-200 ° C, resulting in a high-strength membrane of the required thickness. Particle charge is produced using a relatively simple to operate tribostatic or electrostatic gun.

Lacover powder coating - modern quality standards!

In the production of our powder coating we use quality raw materials from the largest manufacturers and the latest equipment. In our laboratory, we carefully check the components of the future coating for compliance with quality standards, which is why we receive a high class product.

Do you want to buy powder coating? Leave the contact details or call the numbers indicated on the website, and we will select the required coverage, as well as the desired color in the RAL K7 Classic catalog.

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