About the factory

Director's message

About the factory
Director of Ltd "LACOVER"
Olga Kovalchuk

Dear friends!

The company LACOVER began its work in January 2016. We are the first factory equipped with modern European equipment and high-tech laboratories, producing powder coating in Ukraine, and today we have taken the leading position of the Ukrainian manufacturer in this industry by right.

We appreciate that the large factories of Ukraine have opened their doors to us and have trusted us by working with our products. We do not have the right to fail partners and prove it every day by the harmonious work of professionals and the production of products meeting the strictest quality standards!

The LACOVER team does everything possible to achieve a perfect result of its work and to maximally meet the needs of customers.

We are ready for cooperation and bring good luck to our partners!

LACOVER - is a luck cover!


Quality policy

Lacover adheres to the highest quality standards in the provision of services and products.

The main goal of the Company is to create an environment for continuous improvement of quality, increase customer satisfaction, which allows ensuring the Company's profitability, prosperity and competitiveness.

Every Lacover employee is responsible for achieving the Company's success by professionally performing its duties.

Our Quality Policy based on the following principles:

Understanding and anticipating the needs and expectations of Clients. Our success depends on understanding and meeting current and future needs and expectations of existing and potential Clients.

Ensuring prompt response and constant contact with customers through the development of a regional presence. Thanks to territorial expansion, we intend to improve the quality of service for our Clients located in different regions of the country.

Business processes of the Company must work together and be strictly controlled. We are ready to work on improvement of our activity, we support mutual conformity of the documented procedures and business processes of the Company.

Creation of competitive advantages at all stages of the activity process. We care that the quality of our services and products is felt at any stage of their use.

Quality management in cooperation with suppliers and partners. The company intends to cooperate exclusively with partners that guarantee high quality of products and services.

Mutual understanding and sharing of values ​​and interests of the Company by each employee. Employees of the Company of all levels are consciously involved in the process of quality management, and the necessary working conditions have been created for this.

Perfection of quality. Consistent improvement of quality through training of employees and increase of their competence, studying of the best experience, innovations, participation in various improvement programs. Annual analysis of the system for performance.


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