Technical support from «Lacover»

Article in magazine "Painting Professional". Read with pleasure!

ТМ "Lacover" is a guarantee of an ideal coating and 100 % technical support!

The readers of the magazine are already familiar with the Lacover Group of Companies, which

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Colouring without fear and beyond reproach

The modern Ukrainian market of powder materials consists of 80% of imported products. "Lacover" factory began its work in Ukraine at the end of 2015. At the moment, many large enterprises of our country have already become customers of this plant and appreciated its products.

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Colourful life

Earlier we wrote about the young ambitious Ukrainian producer of powder coating Lacover, which for a year built modern large-scale production near Kyiv. For today the company continues to grow and develops actively, enters the international level and  implements social projects in various directions.

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Case. the rainbow in the powder

«We will paint the whole Ukraine!» -Kyiv entrepreneurs Vyacheslav and Olga Kovalchuk promise. More recently they have opened the production of powder coatings corresponding to the European quality standards first in the country. We have talked about features of this complex, but perspective business.

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Surface preparation

The main precondition for the successful application of powder coating material is an uncontaminated surface of the substrate. A contaminated surface can cause defects in the appearance of the coating (tubercles, pits, etc.) and may cause poor adhesion between the coating and the substrate. The most common impurities are oils, grease, surface corrosion, scales, in general, particles lying free and sticking. Only a "clean surface" in many cases is not sufficient to achieve the required corrosion protection. In cases where anti-corrosion protection is an advantage, it is necessary to resort to a preliminary chemical treatment.

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