Technical support from «Lacover»

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ТМ "Lacover" is a guarantee of an ideal coating and 100 % technical support!

The readers of the magazine are already familiar with the Lacover Group of Companies, which

provides its clients  with a full range of coloring equipment of their own production and powder coating by TM Lacover in a wide assortment, manufactured in addition to RAL catalog according to European quality standards, and delivers products to the clients in short terms.

Today we will pay special attention to the technical support service provided by the specialists of our company.  Such service - unconditional, absolute consulting and technical support - helps manufacturers maintain the flawless quality and appearance of metal products colored with powder materials.

Often the need for a service consultation arises due to problems on the powder application site. It is necessary to check all the moments that affect the application technology. Also, an external audit of the powder coating site will give an opportunity to look at the source of the problem from a new angle.

Our "Rapid Response Team"  leaves for productions with a panel of professional tools and the methods which have received the best responses and the recommendations of partners and clients, and also individually selected assortment of the coatings suitable for a particular manufacturer.

One of the key working tools is a special mobile suitcase of the E-COAT Master series equipped with a pneumatic and electronic control function with a PLC display, ideally suited for work in an automatic mode. High speed of a coating and colouring of complex surfaces are inherent characteristics of this equipment.

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Mobile suitcase of E-COAT Master series

The device is equipped with a memory function of 50 formulas and a trigger function that provides a transition between colors. Thanks to function of remote connection, it provides external intervention and the ability to try different types of paint and apply to parts and complex surfaces without stopping the production of the customer.

The first that it is necessary to check at colouring is the grounding of the paint application area. For this purpose our experts use a grounding tester. It allows to determine if the product is sufficiently grounded, which is especially important for the electrostatic powder coating process. Poor grounding of a product can lead to deterioration of the coating quality ,uneven thickness of the coating or even the absence of paint in some parts of the product, to occurrence of dangerous electric charge on a detail, to reverse dispersion on a gun, i.e. to contamination.

Having checked grounding we can exclude the list of problems set above, under condition of correct surface treatment of a product.

Also experts of "Lacover" offer the following recommendations about grounding for perfect spraying:

  • To observe cleanliness of the hanger rod of the painted part.
  • To provide grounding of the painting chamber, system of transport and suspension - all workpieces within the work area according to the operating manual or the manufacturer's data.
  • The grounding resistance of the part can not exceed 1 MΩ (megawatt).
  • The footwear of users should correspond to requirements of standard EN ISO 20344.
  • The measured insulation resistance should not exceed 100 MΩ (megohm).
  • The protective clothes, including gloves, should correspond to requirements of standard EN ISO 1149-5.

The second important point on a path to an ideal coating is the correct temperature regime in the polymerisation furnace. The DATAPAQ system used to audit the powder coating area with the Lacover team, gives the opportunity to see in real time what happens to your product during the polymerization process.


System DATAPAQ, for temperature schedule measurement in the polymerisation furnace

The thermal cells placed in the measuring device transmit temperature values to the data logger, which is protected from high heat-proof containers.It transmits the temperature values to a personal computer at a high frequency. This device is ideally suited in the big tunnel furnaces and small industrial ovens.

After measuring the temperature of the oven, you are given quick access to data that are important for solving problems with roasting, uneven temperature in the oven. You can define and estimate consequences of changes by adjusted settings of the furnace during process, develop a temperature regime for new products, compare real temperatures to specifications, and optimise duration of the process.Also, it becomes possible to determine the uneven heating invoking a deflection and fast recognition of problem fields of the furnace (areas of a temperature maximum and a minimum).

In addition, we propose to use the dimension point 17mm х 17mm clammy labels of  temperatures measurement for the independent analysis of temperature in the polymerisation furnace, which show temperature in one point in a range 37,8°C to 121 °C. It enables fast, simple and accurate measurement (± 1 %) temperatures in 1-3 seconds to confirm indexes of the thermometers placed in furnaces, and to control the endurance of a product in the furnace with achievement of the set temperature.


The device for measurement of the coating adhesion

After all technological conditions are observed and checked, the product is painted and has passed a polymerisation cycle, it is necessary to check the quality of the applied coating. In this we are assisted by a coating adhesion test device and a thickness gauge.

tolshinomer i etiketki

Thickness gauge for measurement of the coating thickness                 Clammy labels for temperature measurement

The adhesion testing method is applied to determine the degree of resistance to branching of a paint coat from underlying material and is carried out by making notches on the powder coating layer to a product surface. The equipment for measurement of a coating thickness - a thickness gauge - allows to create a coating according to standards, more precisely control the uniformity of the application of paint and saves its consumption.

Having checked all stages of powder coating, the Lacover service team gives the client the certificate about carrying out of inspection with recommendations of the manufacturer of powder coating and equipment that yields a full pattern of work of powder coating and possibility to adjust all process.  Also, experts may train other workers participating in process.

Do not miss the opportunity to eliminate all the issues with powder coating as soon as possible, and order an site audit, which will be conducted by experts who have been successfully working in the field of powder coating for more than 10 years. The doors of large production facilities in Ukraine and near abroad are already opened partnership with Lacover. . We invite you to cooperation! Try and make sure that the Group of Companies "Lacover" is the key to creating the perfect coating for your products.