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Company «Lacover» invites to cooperation on mutually beneficial terms without intermediaries

Manufacturers of metal structures of any size and market segment.

Manufacturers of corrugated board and metal roofing sheets.

Private workshops that specialize in powder coating.

Even if you do not fit the above categories, but want to cooperate - be sure to call us and we will discuss all the nuances!

6 reasons to work with us:

Favorable price. More than 80% of powder coating on the Ukrainian market are imported production, which makes them less affordable in price terms. We independently produce powder coating, which explains the lower prices: no need to pay an additional percentage to the intermediator.

High quality. We test each batch of raw materials in our own laboratory, which is why we confidently state the quality of our paint in terms of the following:

Gloss and coating thickness.

 Resistance to deformation and corrosion.

 Elasticity in bending.

 Shock resistance.

Moreover, an independent examination of our powder coating was carried out, as a result of which the product received the international QUALICOAT certificate.

Paints "Lacover" will last at least 10 years, in accordance with the correct painting technology.

Prompt delivery. Delivery schedule in Kyiv and the region: before 15:00 is carried out on the same day; after 15:00 - the next day. Also we will deliver paint to any city in Ukraine.

Free delivery on all orders over 25 kg!

Customer support. We conduct consultations on the selection of the optimal product from our range of paints for your tasks. powder coating is selected depending on the environment of the product (external, internal work), and your individual wishes.

A wide range of. We offer epoxy, polyester, epoxy-polyester, as well as paints with various effects in any color in the catalog RAL K7 Classic, where more than 200 colors and shades are collected.

We are trusted. We have more than 100 partners and clients, including the largest factories in Ukraine.


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