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Coloring metal wares unstable under atmosphere pressure.

Produced on the  polyester resins bases with pigments suburbs. Highly resisted to UV waves and mechanical impact. Applied to outside works.

Полиэфирные краски


Highly resisted to effects of the abrasion,atmosphere, light, mechanical impact and breakdown strength. Appearance improved by gloss. Satisfied metal adhesion.


Comparing to epoxy and polyester paints this one has slightly lower alkali resistance and dielectric indicators.


  • garden stock;
  • street lighting;
  • buildings;
  • agricultural equipment;
  • frames of aluminum windows and doors;
  • billboards;
  • spare parts for cars, bicycles;
  • conditioners;
  • products for the different industries exposed to atmospheric effects.

The main function of the polyester coating which consist of special highly disperse powder is to protect metal wares and increase product lifetime. Mainly polyester paints are used for: agricultural equipment, doors, window frames, decorative elements of constructions, spare parts of  a car (disks, janitors and another), facades, any metal stock effected by the atmospheric precipitation.

Characteristic of powder polyester paint

Polyester powder coating occupy a special niche in the market of the colourful industry due to its advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness: the chemical composition excluded from the harmful to health solvents;
  • Universality: the product can be applied to metal coloring, ceramics and other surfaces;
  • Durability: even the thinnest stratum can secure any surface against pernicious impacts of rainfall and provide full protection against chemical and mechanical damages. Protective functions and color saturation remain for many years;
  • Convenience of drawing: powder is applied with the special sprayer which is quite easy-to-work;
  • Profitability: it is possible to achieve a thick single layer coating while liquid paints need to be applied in several layers to achieve the same effect;
  • Decorative effect and wide color range: we offer to choose any color from the RAL K7 – a classic catalog which consist of more than 200 different shades.

Polyester coating from Lacover – a proper protection for many years!

For our paints we buy raw materials of global manufacturers, and independently we check quality of each party in own laboratory. You can be sure that the surface of products will be reliably protected and beautiful if you buy Lacover polyester powder coating. Call according to numbers specified on the site right now, and receive detailed answers to all arisen questions!

We purchase raw materials from best global manufacturers, and check independently quality of each lot in own laboratory. You can be sure that the surface of products will be reliably protected and beautiful acquiring polyester powder Lacover paint. Call right now by site numbers and get what you need!

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