RAL color table

In the first half of the 20th century the world paint and varnish industry experienced a peculiar boom in development. There were new technologies that made it possible to master the production of various paint materials of various colors and shades. There was a need to systematize the color palette and combine them into a single standard.

European manufacturers of paint and varnish products appealed to the German Supply Committee to develop a single color standard, which was first published in 1927 and was named RAL. Since then, the developer of this standard systematically, based on market conditions, develops new ones and supplements existing color schemes.

Especially popular among manufacturers of paint and varnish products is the catalog of colors RAL K7 Classic, in the updated edition where new color shades such as red RAL 3028 and green RAL 3028 are added.

RAL short description

The catalog contains 213 different colors, including 17 metallized ones. 6 fluorescent colors appeared in the catalog as well. The color "register" has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • thanks to the glossy execution the catalog fully reflects the entire color range;
  • to distinguish the reference paints from shades, they were applied in a thick layer;
  • the catalog is protected from forgery by a special hologram and laser microperforation;
  • each color has its name in 6 languages, including Russian;
  • for easier perception, each sample has a size of 50x20 mm;
  • there are only five colors on each page of the catalog ;
  • the size of the catalog is small, convenient for use: 150x50x14 mm.

RAL and powder coating

Powder coating are increasing application in various industries and enjoy stable demand. Lacover - is Number One manufacturer of this type of paints in Ukraine, which produces powder coating of European quality. To determine the color, Lacover uses the RAL K7 Classic catalog. Customers of the company can order any of the colors in the RAL catalog. Coating samples that are available on stock can be obtained free of charge. Prompt delivery is carried out in Kyiv, to regions of Ukraine, as well as to other countries.


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