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We are the first factory equipped with equipment and high-tech laboratories producing powder paint in Ukraine, and today we have rightfully taken the leading position of the Ukrainian manufacturer in
this industry.

A few numbers about us:

13 years

powder paint market

1 686 customers

all over Ukraine

65 employee

in state

2 106 212 kg

paints sold for 2021

Director’s Message

Dear friends!

Hello! My name is Vyacheslav Kovalchuk. I am the managing director of Lacover.

We have been in the powder paint market for 10 years. It was hard to start. We were absolute beginners in this business. Moreover, we were pioneers of the Ukrainian market of powder paints. But we worked. We worked hard and we were able to achieve success. Each new batch of paint was better than the previous one. And with each new day we became more and more great professionals in our business.

And now I can confidently say that only professionals work in our team who know everything about paint and its composition.

During this time, we were able to fully study the needs and problems of users. We know exactly what our customers have to work with and why they have difficulties.

We want the business not to depend on imports and not to invest a lot of money in foreign companies that dictate their terms. Our goal is to provide business with Ukrainian paint of the best quality at affordable prices.

Every day we work on the development of new and improvement of old paints. We are working on various colors and textures. I personally control the quality of products. Because our paint is our pride. I want every customer to be sure that he will receive only the best powder from us.

Managing Director of LLC Lakover
Vyacheslav Kovalchuk

эколейбл лаковер

For the first time in Ukraine, Lacover TM powder paints passed environmental certification

Lakover LLC received the environmental certificate UA.08.002.487 for 14 types of powder paints based on epoxy-polyester resins and polyester resins.

лаковер тех поддержка

Technical support from the Lacover team

Technical support helps manufacturers maintain the impeccable quality and appearance of metal products painted with powder materials.

семинар лаковер

Workshop from the company Lacover “Sharing experience in the powder field”

We found the main problems of powder coating and choose the best solution for them. We discussed what factors affect the quality of the final coating, and what to do to make it ideal.

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