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Порошкові покриття для агро- та будівельного секторуRegardless of whether it is the heat in the south or constant precipitation and frost in the north, the ACE coating ensures durability when the environment changes. It resists all natural tests, be it corrosion, ultraviolet radiation or chemicals.

Powder materials are extremely reliable, despite extreme conditions. When it comes to painting construction and agricultural machinery, the focus is on reliable, long-lasting protection without neglecting appearance, gloss levels and alignment.

Our goal is that the surfaces painted with ACE systems stably retain their properties after many years. “Lakover” does not give a chance to fading. We rely on our extensive experience and first-class knowledge as a system supplier of powder coatings. Weather-resistant paints withstand high mechanical loads caused by UV radiation. The result is an ideal surface after decades of use in the agricultural sector and architecture.

Powder material for agricultural and construction equipment is an environmentally friendly product. Since our products do not contain solvents, no volatile organic compounds are released into the environment during curing. They are very economical 一 part of the powder that has fallen off can be reused. Therefore, almost 100% use of powder material is absolutely achievable.

The main advantages of the application:

  • Provide high weather resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance to various chemical reagents, min. fertilizers.
  • Meets the strictest industry quality standards.
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