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Factory laboratories of the Lacover powder coating are equipped with high-precision equipment that ensures compliance of the products with the established quality standards.

With the help of laboratory research, incoming raw materials, pigments and resins are monitored, and new formulations are developed, which allow to reduce paint consumption during staining.

Our equipment

Laser particle size analyzer “Cilas 990”

The properties of powder materials largely depend on the size of the constituent particles, so granulometric analysis is one of the most important elements in laboratory development and production. Cilas 990 is highly accurate, which makes it possible to more accurately control the dispersion of paint and improve its quality characteristics.

“Cilas” meets the highest standards of laser and optical integration and metrology of powders. This is an innovative solution in the analysis of particle size and shape for the powder industry.

The technology of spray dry spraying is a new technique, patented by “Cilas” for efficient dispersion and analysis of even the most complex powders. Its distinctive feature is the mass flow controller, which effectively disperses dry samples regardless of the volume of the sample.

An economical particle size analyzer 990 has a standard measuring range of 0.2 to 500 microns. The software”Cilas” allows correlating the results of determining the particle size with the data obtained from the sieve analysis or the sedigraphs. Built-in ultrasonic technology provides an effective tool for deagglomeration of samples.

Particle size analyzer «Cilas» calibrated in accordance with ISO 13320 and USP standards for high accuracy and repeatability. The program “SizeExpert” allows you to perform a full tracking of the results.

The image analysis package “Cilas”  provides information about both the particle size and its shape. Using the software, we get more than 100 properties of the shape of particles, such as roundedness, convexity, sphericity, aspect ratio, area, shape factor and much more. This provides a cost-effective tool for analyzing the shape of particles.

“Cilas” is the world’s first laser particle size analyzer with a fully integrated imaging system. This solution allows one and the same sample to be analyzed both in the laser diffraction mode and in the imaging mode.

Technical specifications of the particle size analyzer Cilas 990

Dry dispersion (measuring range) from 0.3 to 500 μm
Liquid dispersion (measuring range) from 0.2 to 500 μm
Dry dispersion of the Venturi
Liquid dispersion of 2 peristaltic pumps / Ultrasonic / Mixer
Reproducibility <1%
Accuracy <3%
Number of lasers 1
Laser safety class 21 CFR - 1040/NF EN 60825-1/A2
Closed cover Class I of NF EN 60825-1 / A2
Open cover Class III of NF EN 60825-1 / A2
Compliance with ISO 13320

Impact test and adhesion of powder coating

Other equipment

In addition to the particle analyzer, we use the following equipment:

Novotest ТБ-1 – measurement of hardness of various coatings by the Buchholz method.


Salutron D3 Combi – measurement of coating thickness.


«Glossmeter» is an angular surface gloss meter.


“Novotest Impact Universal” – impacted measurement of the strength of coatings.


«Glossmeter» is an angular surface gloss meter.


The laboratory uses brand reference samples to control the correspondence of colors RAL 841-GL – a collection of 196 standard classical colors covered with lacquer (high gloss).

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