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Індустріальні порошкові покриттяThe requirements for powder materials optimized for the general industrial sector are constantly increasing. In order to have a durable surface, the following characteristics of the product are necessary: economic utility, environmental friendliness, appropriate chemical and physical properties, a wide selection of color and surface effects.

“Lacover” company offers the widest range of standard powder paints in the industry. They provide high physical and mechanical characteristics while increasing the economic effect.

What can be painted in industrial conditions?

Preferably, the powder material is applied to the metal product/part. Here are just a few:

  • Sheet metal and stamping
  • Aluminum castings and pressings
  • Structural steel
  • Decorative forged details
  • Railings
  • Industrial components

Industrial coating is used in such fields as energy from renewable sources, lighting, equipment of trade enterprises, industrial equipment, packaging.

The main advantages of industrial powder coating:

– High wear resistance of the layer;

– A wide variety of colors, shades and surface structures;

– Environmentally friendly process without solvents in production and application;

– Almost 100% use of powder and a minimal percentage of losses;

– Low costs for safety equipment;

– Easy color change with minimal paint loss.

The use of high-quality film formers means that Industrial Covers have a high application efficiency and are therefore ideal for the sustainable development of the industrial sector.

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