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thermal coverThe powder coating must retain its properties under conditions of different temperatures without loss of gloss, color, and adhesion. “Thermal Cover” is designed to perform all these tasks and many others. The line of heat-resistant powder coatings was created using strong, extremely heat-resistant silicone resins. The developed composition of the powder paint guarantees that during operation with significant heating, it will continue to maintain high adhesion to the surface of the object, will not crack and peel, and will retain its color and shine.

Using a heat-resistant powder on a product/part that is exposed to high temperatures is a great way to add another layer of protection.

It should be noted that proper substrate pretreatment is critical for furnaces, heaters, boilers, and the like. Metal preparation may vary depending on the type of base and the area of application. Oil, grease, scale, rust and dirt must be removed before powder coating. For certain applications, sandblasting is sufficient. Suitable for steel, cast iron, aluminum.

Such powder materials are used for parts that are mainly operated at 200 – 700℃ for a long time, for example:

  • Fireplace products
  • Exhaust system (in particular, the stove pipe)
  • Equipment for barbecue
  • Lighting equipment
  • The muffler on generators, motorcycles, tractors

Main advantages:

  • High adhesion at increased heating
  • Do not crack
  • Do not delaminate
  • Keep the color, especially black
  • Long-lasting shine
  • They resist corrosion
  • Excellent protection against atmospheric phenomena
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