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antigassing coverDuring the hardening process, previously captured gases are released from the powder paint. When they pass through the coating, they lead to the appearance of many small holes, so they provoke the passage of moisture or corrosive materials to the substrate, causing destruction. In addition, the presence of holes worsens the appearance of the painted surface.

“Antigassing Cover” has excellent anti-gassing properties, which is specially designed to reduce the amount of bubbles while obtaining a high-quality visual appearance of the product/part and maintaining protective characteristics.

The use of standard powder coatings may require the application of two layers to solve the problem of degassing. However, this often leads to problems with the adhesion of the inner layer.

Such materials are recommended for customers who are looking for a high-quality coating without the formation of defects with high durability while minimizing the time and costs of working with it.

Main advantages:

  • Reduced gas formation on a porous base, suitable for galvanized steel, cast iron and aluminium.
  • High chemical resistance, no stains and scratches.
  • Improved corrosion resistance and UV protection.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
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