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Lacquer powder coating is made without fillers and pigments, only from a thermoset film former and modifying additives, has high transparency and does not chip off for decades.

It is preferably applied on top of other powder materials or directly on the substrate. Available in gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes to achieve the look you want and the level of protection you need for your product.

In addition, lacquer powder materials improve resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UV) and corrosion, increase strength and durability.

They can improve the initial decoration, giving a great depth to the color coating, and make a plain color shiny. Applying varnish with a high level of gloss on top of glossy paints allows you to get an incredibly shiny surface.

Covering the existing layer provides additional protection that keeps your product and previous layer in pristine condition. For metallic, silver or chrome paint, we recommend applying a layer of varnish to protect them from mechanical influences and to prevent the influence of moisture, thanks to which the metallized pigments of silver and chrome will not oxidize and lose their shine.

Adding varnishes can help you achieve the desired aesthetic effect by increasing gloss, contrast and transparency. Some materials make it easier to clean the finished surface, making it more resistant to fingerprints.

The main advantages of using paint and powder coating are:

  • Unique processing with a special effect.
  • Excellent hardness, stain resistance and weather resistance.
  • A competitive alternative to chrome plating.
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