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Структурні порошкові покриттяIn addition to smooth surfaces, powder coatings are available in a wide variety of textured surfaces, from fine moiré to shagreen, to snake and crocodile skin, and antique. They are designed for outdoor and indoor use, durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is important to note that structural materials must be applied according to the recommended film thickness to ensure the proper appearance and protection of the surface.

“Moire” is a special paint that resembles sandpaper. Perfectly hides irregularities and resists scratches well. It is used for: iron furniture; decorative elements; ferrous metal constructions; supports for lighting.

Shagreen smooth, stylish and refined coatings are a relatively softer special effect. It can add a real depth of color and conceals the foundation quite well. The product will have: resistance to atmospheric influences; good hardness; corrosion resistance; resistance to chemicals; surface imperfections will be masked.

Application: garden equipment, furniture, bus stops, sports and children’s playgrounds, ventilation systems, air conditioners, window and door frames, billboards, street terminals, elements of architectural and construction structures, medical and industrial equipment, forged fences, corrugated board.

“Crocodile/snake skin” provides an attractive aesthetic appearance, durability, weather and corrosion resistance when using energy-saving and environmentally safe technologies. In addition, powders with the effect of reptile skin perfectly resist damage, hide product/part defects, and their surface is pleasant to the touch. These paints are used for painting interior items, aluminum profiles, containers for plants.

“Antique” decorates the object with structural patterns and streaks of metallic shades – silver, gold, copper. There are also other colors.

Fields of application: interior and exterior doors, lighting devices.

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