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anti-grafiti coverThe chemical composition of the paints in the cans allows the substance to penetrate deeply into the surface, which complicates further cleaning. Special graffiti removers can be a solution, but compatibility with the appropriate substrate is often not well tested. This leads to irreversible damage to the coating and a decrease in its durability.

Apart from the potential damage, graffiti removal is quite expensive and a serious burden for city councils, public transport companies and business people. Therefore, good prevention of an unwanted drawing on the wall becomes more and more important.

The “Lacover” company has developed specific anti-graphiti powder paints that allow easy removal of the drawing. Such a powder coating gives the surface special properties ー it allows you to quickly remove even persistent patterns with the help of a special detergent. It withstands multiple cleaning cycles while maintaining color and gloss.

Like other powder coatings, our Anti-Graffiti Cover range is ideal for metal substrates such as aluminium, galvanized steel and steel blanks. Basically, anti-graphite powder is used at the following facilities:

  • Rail transport
  • Cladding elements
  • Ceiling panels
  • Seat frames
  • School or public closets
  • Metal facades
  • Internal iron planes

The main advantages of using anti-graphite powder material:

  • Easy-to-clean properties to protect against spray paints and markers.
  • High weather resistance and resistance to scratches and chemical action of substances.
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