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Низькотемпературні порошкові покриттяEnergy prices are now reaching record levels, which puts the debate around energy saving in a new light 一 in private households and in industry. Low energy consumption offers not only environmental aspects but also economic benefits for companies.

Therefore, energy-efficient coatings with a low polymerization temperature are increasingly gaining recognition alongside classic powder coatings, for which 180℃ to 200℃ is usually sufficient. These powder materials require less heating, which can reach up to 140℃.

Due to their properties, such coatings significantly improve production processes in terms of sustainability and productivity. A low curing temperature means less oil, gas and/or electricity use. This reduces CO₂ emissions, which contribute to global warming. The user, in turn, benefits from an accelerated technological process, as the products/parts reach the desired temperature more quickly.

The sector of industrial protective coatings makes high demands on weather resistance and protection against surface corrosion. Any low-temperature material also meets these requirements.

The main advantages of using low-temperature powder paints:

  • Specially developed for low-temperature curing at 140 – 160℃.
  • Low energy powders save time, energy and money.
  • Environmentally friendly 一 zero levels of solvents and VOCs.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and textures.
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