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Various options for appearance and degree of surface gloss

Polyester paintings

Optimum solution for protecting the metal from atmospheric impact

Эпоксидно-полиэфирные краски

Epoxy-polyester paints

Resistant coating for painting indoor products

Эпоксидные краски

Epoxy paints

Effective protection against chemical and corrosion-active influence

Paints with special effects

Coating with different texture: metallic, wrinkle, antique, etc.

Today, powder coating has a leading position among other coloring products. Obvious economic advantages of powder coating are combined with excellent quality of the painted surface and ecological compatibility of this method.

Powder coating are ready for use, the process of their application is very simple and technological, which allows to ensure productivity growth, significant material savings, reduced production waste, and reduced equipment maintenance costs.

The painted surface has a beautiful, aesthetic appearance without streaks, bubbles, uneven coating. Chemical, atmospheric, anti-corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of coating are confirmed by numerous laboratory tests.

Powder coating is a high-tech coating and protection of the product surface.

The main advantages of powder coating

Environmentally friendly
The absence of solvents in the composition of paints avoids a number of risks: fires, environmental contamination, poisoning by evaporation. The ecological safety of powder coating is confirmed by appropriate certificates.
Easy to use
The paint is ready for use. No need in special conditions of storage and transportation.The painting equipment has compact dimensions, its operation and cleaning processes are simple and accessible without additional training.
A wide range
  • about 300 colors of RAL – catalog;
  • any texture and texture of colors;
  • paints with special effects;
  • paints on request.
Minimization of waste
Paint leftovers can be collected from the spraying chamber, recycled and reused, what allows to reduce waste during painting up to 3% of the paint amount.
The ability to calculate paint consumption
Easy adjustment of the equipment allows you to adjust the thickness of the coating from 60 to 120 microns and calculate the approximate paint consumption.
  • 80-120 g/m2 for gloss, semi-gloss, matte, moire, shallow wrinkle;
  • 100-150 g/m2 for shading.
High quality of coating

Technologies that allow to create durable, strong coating with high adhesion to metals, preserving color and quality under the influence of atmospheric impact, chemical and mechanical factors, high humidity, temperature drops from -60 to +150ºС, are an indisputable advantage of powder coating.

Time saving
Painting technology allows to reduces working time to 2 hours from the beginning of the process to the production of a finished, colored product.
Powder coating is packed in polyethylene bags placed in cardboard boxes. The weight of the box is 20-25 kg., depending on the bulk density of the paint. It is stored for 24 months in a dry heated room at a temperature of 0-30ºC.
Safety measures
Personnel working with powder coating must comply with basic hygienic standards and use personal respiratory protective equipment.


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