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Powder paint for metal structures

Powder coating of metal structures is the best way to protect them from the negative effects of the environment and give them a beautiful long-term appearance. Powder paint exceeds the liquid in its properties. It additionally protects painted structures and does not lose its color for a long time.

In addition, this paint is not toxic. So it can cover any product, whatever they are intended for. Still no harm from the powder paint will be.

Powder painting of large-sized metal structures

The technology of painting metal with powder paint is always the same, regardless of the size of the products.

The metal must be cleaned with sandblasting before coating. This removes rust, old paint and other contaminants. The surface is then degreased and, if necessary, phosphated. Phosphating provides additional protection against corrosion. Due to this, the metal structure will retain its appearance for a long time.

Powder paint for metal structures

The powder is then sprayed onto the surface and sent to a polymerization furnace. If done correctly, the result is a perfectly even and high quality coating.

However, large sized designs require the same large equipment. This is very important as the product must fit into the polymerization furnace.

Equipment for painting metal structures

To apply powder paint on metal, you must, firstly, have a spray gun. They are of two types: electrostatic and tribostatic. The main difference between them lies in the way the powder particles are charged. The first needs an external power source. And the other does it by friction himself. If the metal structure is complex, with corners and notches, it is better to buy a tribostatic sprayer. It will help to avoid many defects, which can be caused by the complexity of the structure.

Secondly, you need to have a spray booth with a fan. It encloses the powder coating area. And thanks to the recovery system, particles of paint that have not settled for the first time on the surface will be put into operation for the second time.

Thirdly, a polymerization furnace will be required. This is where the coating is baked. Large structures require a powerful oven with uniform heating throughout the area. Polymerization furnaces are deadlocked and passable.

Powder paint for metal structures

It is also important to pick the right vehicles. Large metal structures, in addition to large dimensions, also have considerable weight. Manually moving them from one device to another is difficult and sometimes impossible. Therefore, production can not do without a good conveyor. It must support a large weight and the size of the painting equipment.

In serial production, it is advisable to install an automatic line. With it, the entire coating process will be faster and easier. In addition, the risk of defects due to the human factor becomes much smaller.

In the presence of all necessary possible painting of large metal structures, powder painting of caravans, frames, racks, motor vehicle parts, metal furniture and other metal products.

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