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Powder paint RAL 601 PU/CR


The basis of powder coating:
Gloss degree:
crocodile skin
Type of use:


Powder paint Lacover RAL 601 PU/CR

Paint based on polyurethane resin using hardener, fillers, pigments and various additives. It does not conduct electricity, has high anti-corrosion properties, good flexibility, hardness and durability.

Scope of application:

  • street lighting;
  • elements of building facades;
  • frames of aluminum windows and doors;
  • outdoor advertising, signboards, road fences;
  • children’s and sports grounds, lighting devices, benches, trade equipment;
  • products for various industries exposed to weathering.


  • Resistance to precipitation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Coating uniformity
  • UV resistance: color stays the same over time
  • Incombustibility
  • Environmentally friendly: the paint does not contain substances harmful to the environment
  • Economical consumption of powder material

Storage conditions:

It is recommended to store polyester paint at a temperature not exceeding + 25°C. The humidity level should be no more than 70%.

If the paint was stored at a temperature of less than 5°C, soak it for about 12 hours in a room temperature room (from + 18°C to + 25°C) before use.

We purchase raw materials from world manufacturers for our paints and independently check the quality of each batch in our own laboratory. Therefore, having bought Lacover polyester powder paint, you can be sure that the surface of the products will be durable and attractive. Call right now by phones on the website and get detailed answers to all your questions!

Additional information



Фактура пофарбованої поверхні

crocodile skin

Основа порошкової фарби


Тип використання

для внутренних работ, для наружных работ

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