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High anti-corrosion properties and decorative effect achieved by metal products staining.

With objects that are painted with powder coating, we meet every day: at home (interior items, household appliances) and on the street (bicycles, cars and much more). There are “standard” colors, according to the RAL color chart, but recently, powder coating with different effects are more popular.


Surfaces coated with powder coating have a rich, persistent color. The paint can have pearlescent shine, glow in the dark, change color depending on the lighting. The expanded palette of colors and shades (about 5000 kinds) opens unlimited possibilities for a choice of an optimum variant. You can also choose a texture: glossy or matte.

A unique property of powder coating is the ability to create an original texture. Paints with effects create imitations of frost on glass, vintage metal, snake skin or crocodile, marble, granite and many others. Nowadays antique powder coating is in the fashion,  it has good decorative properties.


Paints with effects in their quality indicators do not concede to usual powder coating:

  • there are no solvents in the coating with effects (there is no sharp smell and danger of ignition);
  • high-quality staining of hard-to-reach areas;
  • stability of the resulting coating to mechanical, chemical and temperature influences.

Convenience of application

Before applying coatings with effects, do not apply clearcole. Surface preparation is traditional: cleaning from dirt and rust, degreasing and anticorrosive coating.

The visual effect, obtained as a result of the application of coating, really looks original:

  • Antique powder coating looks luxurious and expensive. The main feature of this texture is a harmonious imitation of any shade “under the old days”;
  • Lacquer is a classic effect that is widely used to impart irresistible satin gloss to different subjects;
  • Crocodile or lizard is an unusual texture that allows you to recreate the imitation of the animal’s skin. Any surface with the effect of crocodile leather will have an exclusive and rich look;
  • Metallic is a pronounced metallic reflection that will give the surface a depth of color and attractiveness.

Limitations in application

Application of powder coating with effects is not possible on all surfaces. This is due to the high drying temperature: wood or plastic, for example, will not withstand such impact.

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