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Metal products painting for achieving high protective and anti-corrosion properties.

Produced on the basis of epoxy resins with the addition of hardeners, pigments, fillers and other special additives. They are used to cover products exposed to chemical impact, as well as to obtain certain decorative effects.



These paints possess high chemical and mechanical strength, elasticity, excellent adhesion, allow to achieve a very smooth glossy surface of the finished coating. Dielectric properties of coating are high enough.


The main disadvantage of epoxy paints is the tendency to deterioration of appearance and yellowing under the influence of the atmosphere and high temperatures, however, corrosion resistance is not lost.


  • special objects of heavy metalworking and chemical industry; 
  • anticorrosive treatment of products exposed to chemical attack; 
  • outdoor furniture;
  •  household equipment.

Attempts to protect metal products from premature corrosion have led to the creation of painting compositions that differ in application technology, durability, rapidit drying, solvent type and other characteristics.

Among all the variety of colors, a special place was occupied by epoxy powder coating, which earned the reputation of a truly resistant, durable and high-quality coating.

Composition of epoxy paints

The basis of such a powder is epoxy resins. Special hardeners and pigments are also included . From the ratio of all components depends not only the quality of the applied layer, but also the paint consumption. Therefore, before buying powder coating, you need to make sure that it is made in strict accordance with the technology.

Epoxy powder coating – features

Epoxy resin paints have a number of advantages, that is:

  • A high degree of adhesion, which allows the creation of strong layers. Due to this, the coating will remain intact for more than one year;
  • A dry layer of coating has a high density and low permeability. It obtains reliable protection against fumes of various types;
  • Due to their resistance to chemicals, the paint is used to protect equipment in industrial plants;
  • Powder coating has excellent anti-corrosion properties;
  • High level of electrical insulation;
  • The coating forms a beautiful glossy layer.

The coating is applied to:

  • Industrial equipment;
  • Furniture;
  • Household appliances;
  • Pipes;
  • Various metal constructions.

Lacover Powder coating – strength, variety of colors and quality standards

Since January 2016, we produce high-quality epoxy powder coating, in which many satisfied customers were convinced. Do you want to buy epoxy powder coating at a bargain price? Leave us your contact details: we will contact you and answer all related questions.

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