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Staining metal products indoors.

Manufactured on the basis of epoxy and polyester resins. This type of coating is the most widely used for interior works or creating a decorative coating effect.


Products coated with epoxy-polyester paints, has an attractive appearance, good gloss and have an even color coating. They are resistant to water, chemical compounds. Epoxy-polyester coatings have a lower tendency to yellowing, able to withstand higher temperatures in the furnace.


These coatings have a lower resistance to chemical impact than epoxy ones. It is quite difficult to obtain a matt coating effect for low-temperature curing.


  • office furniture; 
  • lighting; 
  • appliances; 
  • refrigeration equipment; 
  • retail store equipment; 
  • accessories.

The difference  of epoxy-polyester coating is that it consists of polyester and epoxy film-forming substances, which upon solidification come into contact with each other, forming a strong coating.

Advantages of epoxy-polyester coating

The main distinguishing properties of paint coatings are:

  • The price of epoxy-polyester paints is generally lower than other types of powder coating;
  • Good quality indicators: resistance to mechanical and chemical influences, less chance of yellowing, resistance to fairly high temperatures;
  • Anticorrosive properties: epoxy-polyester coating are resistant to moisture even after a rather long service life;
  • Low sensitivity to infrared radiation;
  • Attractiveness: even staining of the entire surface, good gloss.

Application of EP powder coating

Increased resistance to various environmental factors has allowed epoxy-polyester paints to take a leading position among other types of coloring coating. The ratio of epoxide and polyester makes it possible to use them for finishing:

  • electrical and lighting equipment;
  • sports equipment;
  • garden tools;
  • metal furniture for offices and schools;
  • automotive accessories;
  • heating appliances;
  • trading equipment;
  • household appliances;
  • a variety of accessories made of metal;
  • cabinets, doors, shelving and much more.

Lacover Epoxy-polyester powder coating

We produce quality epoxy-polyester paints of all possible colors according to the international color chart RAL K7 Classic. Therefore, before buying powder coating, it is better to get acquainted with all the colors in the corresponding section, and choose the most attractive option. Also you can get free samples by calling us on the phone or leaving your contact information. Lacover powder coating is 100% compliance with modern quality standards and guarantee the desired result!

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