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обезжириватель для металла

Which metal degreaser to choose

Powder paint is very exacting on the quality of the surface to be painted.  On the fat, oils, dust, scale and rust of the powder simply will not settle. Therefore, the main thing in painting metal is cleaning. But cleaning…

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Травление металла

Metal pickling

Powder coating is distinguished by quality and durability. However, a great role in the application of powder on metal is played by the preliminary preparation of things for painting. Due to the fact that the particles of the powder settle…

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Грунтование металла перед порошковой покраской

Metal priming before powder coating

The main purpose of powder coating is the durability, aesthetics and anti-corrosion properties of metal products. But in order to really get a high-quality coating, you need to perform the main stages of preparation and painting of metal. Today in…

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хроматирование металла

What is metal chromating used for?

Chromation - surface treatment with a thin layer of chromium phosphate. Typically, chromating is used before applying powder paint to aluminum This type of aluminum preparation makes it possible to increase the durability and adhesion of powder paint with metal…

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Обработка металла от коррозии

How to prevent metal corrosion

Before the metal painting process a particular attention should be paid to preparatory work, especially to the metallic corrosion processes. There are different types of corrosion development on metal: Rust Stains - this type of corrosion usually extends in breadth,…

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