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Powder paint for household appliances

Vacuum cleaner, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine. This technique is available in every home. It is used daily and many times over. So it scratches and rubs. To avoid visible traces of household appliances, a strong coating is required. Choosing the…

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Powder coating of window grilles

The original purpose of the window grilles was protection. But now they have also become a decorative element of houses. Therefore, they must be strong, durable and very beautiful. The coating of the window grilles must withstand constant negative mechanical…

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Покраска металлических заборов

Powder paint for metal fence

Metal fences are exposed to strong negative effects: ultraviolet, water, corrosion, temperature changes, permanent mechanical damage. Traditionally, they are further protected by painting. If the paint and varnish material is of high quality, then the fence can serve much longer.…

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Powder coating of reinforcement mesh

Powder paint allows you to protect any metal products. In particular, the grid. By adhering to the technology, the grid will be resistant to rust, ultraviolet, water and other influences. And this is a very valuable advantage. Especially if the…

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коллектив лаковер

Cohesiveness of the Lakover team

The success of any company depends directly on its staff. And only a close-knit team is able to bring to Olympus a product, whatever it may be. At Lacover, we very much want to be successful, so we are constantly…

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Порошковая краска для металлоконструкций

Powder paint for metal structures

Powder coating of metal structures is the best way to protect them from the negative effects of the environment and give them a beautiful long-term appearance. Powder paint exceeds the liquid in its properties. It additionally protects painted structures and…

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Ferrous metals painting what is important to know

Ferrous metals are iron and its alloys. These are the main metals on the market. They are dense, have a high melting point and high hardness. Examples of ferrous metals are steel, cast iron, ferroalloys, manganese, chromium and vanadium. However,…

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Полиэфирная краска для металла

Polyester paint for metal

Polyester paint for metal is a type of powder paint composed of polyester resins using pigments and other special additives. Polyester paint is produced: All components are mixed, and then homogenized (the process of reducing the heterogeneity of the powder).…

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Порошковая краска для стекла

Do you know what powder paint can be used for?

Everyone knows that powder paint is usually used for metals, but today we want to tell that paint is a universal tool and can be used even on surfaces such as: glass, ceramics, MDF. Powder paint for glass Powder painted…

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