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Корпоративная культура Lacover

Lacover corporate culture

The office is the second home for every employee. This is where he spends most of his day. So, in this place he should feel as comfortable as possible and want to work. For this, the team should have a…

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Why LACOVER is the best place to work? Well, firstly, because everyone who comes to us to work becomes part of our family. We do not just hire an employee, we take a person with his values, ideas, desires to…

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День работника торговли с командой Lacover

Commercial worker day

On the eve of the celebration commercial worker day the Lacover team set ambitious goals: to go ahead and score the maximum number of strikes. After all, the most important holiday for the sales department is only 1 time per…

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команда Лаковер

How the Lacover team had a quadricycles ride

We share with you our photo report from the corporate party where the Lacover team had lots of fun. Adventures began with a ride on ATVs. A new type of outdoor activity received a lot of interest among colleagues. Fortunately,…

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