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Powder sapping

Powder coating is an easy process that does not take much time and does not require huge labor costs. However, in order for everything to work properly and the coating to be of high quality, it is necessary to comply…

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Powder paint underbaking and overbaking

Powder paint has a number of properties, due to which it gradually displaces liquid in many areas. But the main problem with the powder is the need to purchase specialized equipment and follow the application rules. If you do not…

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Powder paint peels off

Powder paint allows to obtain a perfectly uniform and maximum quality coating. But only if the technology of such coating is strictly adhered to. If you do something wrong, the coverage will be defective. For example, craters will appear after…

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How to eliminate powder paint defects

Powder paint is a paint material that better cope with the negative external influences. It has less noticeable traces of operation. And the coating turns out even and without leaks. If the technology of applying the powder to the product…

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