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How to paint aluminum car wheels

Aluminum car wheels have not only to be beautiful and evenly painted, but they also should have a high resistance to mechanical damage and the effects of the environment: ultraviolet radiation, humidity, salt and auto-chemistry. Powder paint for aluminum car wheels meets all these requirements. However, in order for it to have its own properties, it is very important to adhere to the coating rules.

Painting of car wheels

Typically, wheels are covered with several layers of paint. Each of them has specific properties that together provide the corresponding characteristics of the entire coating. Some layers are necessary to ensure that the surface has sufficient adhesion and all subsequent layers lie evenly.

This painting system is actively used by the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum car wheels.

It is very important to carefully choose paint for the wheels, as the durability of the coating depends on it.

Порошковая краска для автомобильных дисков

In order to apply the powder coating to the wheels, it is necessary to have on the production special equipment for surface preparation, powder spraying and polymerization of paint. The equipment should be selected with specialists who will be able to find the optimal solution based on individual characteristics and production needs.

And now about how to paint the wheels.

The first stage is a primer. As a primer is used epoxy or epoxy-polyester paint. It is applied to pre-prepared grinding or shot blasting and chemical-treated discs. The paint must have a good spread. It should fill all the irregularities and create a perfectly even surface. The task of this soil is to provide adhesion for the following layers.

The second stage of wheel coating is the application of a base paint (usually metallic), which is responsible for the visual quality of the wheels.

And the last stage is a varnish coating. Powder varnishes create a much thicker coating than liquid ones, but have excellent protective properties.

The cost of wheels coating is calculated depending on the specific gravity, shape, particle size distribution of the powder particles and coating thickness. This can range between 100 and 180 g / m².

Equipment for car wheels coating

First, a production should have system to prepare the wheels for painting. These can be pre-treatment baths with chemicals. Or you can clean the wheels with a shot blasting machine. However, some wheels may be affected by this effect. Sandblasting method of metal purification is still used. It is more gentle.

Second, a tribostatic or electrostatic gun and a spray chamber are required. These devices are required for spraying powder on details.

Порошковая покраска дисков

Third, it is a polymerization furnace. They must heat the wheels evenly and ensure that the powder is cured.

It is very important to select the equipment based on the size of the largest product to be painted.

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