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Polyester powder coating

Epoxy paint, unfortunately, is not universal despite its excellent protective properties — it resists aggressive chemicals and indoor moisture well, but ultraviolet quickly destroys its molecular bonds. In this situation, polyester systems come to the rescue. Due to the variety of chemical composition, their characteristics are also different, so it is important to ask the retailer which paints will work best under your specific conditions. “Lacover” specialists will be happy to answer any question.

Let’s consider what you should pay attention to first of all.


TGIC is an aliphatic epoxy compound that guarantees high scratch and impact resistance. It is one of the most effective and widespread hardeners for polyester resins. Such paints withstand sharp temperature changes, ideal for protecting the exterior elements of buildings, regardless of whether they have some functional load (chimney, gas pipe) or not (basket for air conditioner). Polymer film of this type is best placed on metal surfaces, for example, aluminum, hot-rolled or galvanized steel. The thickness of the film will be relatively thin — 70-80 microns, but this is the layer that will work best.


PLS in combination with this hardener are somewhat sensitive to moisture and detergent at elevated temperatures. They are also prone to the formation of water and gases during the polymerization process — when applying, it does not hurt to be careful and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. So you will have a perfectly painted surface, resistant to weather factors, overheating and abrasion.


The system with urethane reacts actively during the hardening process, spreads well on the plane, and is stored for a long time. Great for obtaining decorative coatings of various structures. This paint material has one important feature — it is easy to wash off graffiti, it is resistant to detergents and very durable.

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to ask them, call: +38 (067) 536 53 64. Our specialists, professionals in their field, will help to solve everything. And for regular customers, we always have bonuses, discounts and interesting offers! Be with Lacover, choose the best!

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