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Requirements for powder coating workshop

It is very difficult to repaint an object with a powder coating. After all, it is almost impossible to get rid of the painted layer. Therefore, the application process is an extremely responsible stage, it requires appropriate conditions.

In this article, we will consider what a powder coating shop should be.


Each manufacturer independently decides how much space it needs. Depending on the size, material and weight of the products, the need for production space will vary. The main thing is that the room is not too tight. In this case, it will quickly become cluttered, it will be dangerous to work there. Although the equipment does not work with high voltages, a broken cable is an unpleasant incident anyway.


The building must have good ventilation. The powder hangs in the air during the spraying process, so it must be disposed somehow. Because of this, workers will better wear protective suits, respirators, and glasses. Technically, the spraying chamber will solve the problem. It absorbs and filters the powder material so it can be reused.

Humidity and temperature regime

If there is too much moisture in the air, the powder will clump together – in this state it is unusable. It will be necessary to sift and dry the powder mass, which will take many working hours. Temperature can also spoil the paint. 18 – 25°С are recommended for storage – it is better to observe these indicators both in the warehouse and in the workshop.


Serviceable equipment is the key to quality work. Money saved on high-quality equipment can be spent on repairs. And a forced simple will cause irritation of customers. If possible, it is better to invest in equipment that will serve for many years.

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