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Antibacterial powder paint. What is this?

Antibacterial coating is useful in many areas. Yes, it can even destroy bacteria and viruses. In modern circumstances, this ability is very appropriate for schools, hospitals, public transport and everything that is used by many people.

But how exactly does paint act on disease-causing organisms? Read more in the article!

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Features of the ingredients

The principle of action on microorganisms is based on special additives in powder. Such substances are organic and inorganic. Organic antimicrobial compounds work well only on certain types of bacteria. However, over time they develop resistance to these compounds. Usually in the production of powder materials inorganic ones are used, as they are more resistant to high temperatures. They are more universal, kill all microbes without exceptions, microbes will not create resistance to it.

These supplements contain copper, zinc or silver ions. The same technology is used for antibacterial plastics and fabrics. Antibacterial substance works best in humid conditions – when the microflora actively multiplying. It is possible to add this component to paints on polyester, epoxy and epoxy-polyester based powder coatings.

Lacover adds Biomaster 999 with silver ions.

Fields of application

The world has experienced many epidemics. The recent coronavirus pandemic shows that humanity better be ready for new challenges. In each case, simple things saved: hygiene, isolation, distancing. Ordinary soap has saved more lives than any antibiotic. Likewise, the handrails in the bus are covered with antibacterial powder paint, could change a difficult situation for the better.

Antibacterial coating is indispensable in the field of medicine. Already weakened by disease, the human body easily gets new ailments. Powder materials in general are ecological and do not have a harmful effect on health, because they do not contain volatile substances. In addition to equipment in hospitals, they will be of great benefit to facilities that work with children, food production, pharmaceuticals. Today it is so important to make your living environment safe.

Do not delay, call +38 (067) 536 53 64 to ask any question. Lacover always has answers. Choose a stable service for quality coatings and be healthy!

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