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Powder coating for consumer goods

Powder coating has a very wide range of applications. It satisfies needs not only for bulky metal structures. Ordinary consumers do not notice a thin painted coating on many things in their home. And the time of service of the object directly depends on it.

So, let’s take a closer look at where powder paints are hiding in our homes.

Household appliances

A microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a stove are equipment that is constantly in contact with moisture and temperature changes. It needs protection against corrosion, because otherwise such things would have to be changed almost every year. The stress increases significantly in the case of professional furnaces or industrial air conditioners, but the same powder material successfully withstands everything. Since household appliances are most at risk of rust, it is better to use epoxy paint for them.


Almost all iron elements in furniture are covered with powder paint. This also applies to lighting devices. The need for protection against rust is acute for garden furniture. It often withstand friction, scratches, and hits. Dents easily accumulate moisture. In addition to purely practical functions, the polymer film adds warmth, comfort and diversity in design. Ceramic and glass objects are also painted with powder. The bright color of the vase will last for more than 20 years. It is quite difficult to find paint that would color ceramics so brightly and for a long time.

Fittings, supporting structures

Small things should always work well. Especially if they are left in an aggressive environment for a long time. Locks and door handles cause a lot of trouble when they break. The paint layer does not affect their technical characteristics, but increases wear resistance. Similarly, people rarely pay attention to the frames that support the antenna or something similar. It will be unpleasant for the consumer to order a new air conditioner because of a rusty rail. He or she can order its installation from another company.

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