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Colourful life

Earlier we wrote about the young ambitious Ukrainian producer of powder coating Lacover, which for a year built modern large-scale production near Kyiv. For today the company continues to grow and develops actively, enters the international level and  implements social projects in various directions.

Factory on start

At 3,000 square meters in the village Borodyanka near Kyiv region a factory with an updated concept of development has opened. Now Lacover coatings are produced by two modern, computerised product lines allowing “to paint all Ukraine” and to enter the export market of the countries of the former CIS.

The development strategy of the plant is aimed at the installation of five more lines for the production of powder coating and the right to become the market leader of this business line. Next year, the volume of output is planned to increase up to 600 tons.

In 2016, the volume of production amounted to about 250 tons of paint, including those created on special orders. The first supplies of Lacover powder coating to Belarus and Kazakhstan were made.

All colours and effects

lacover olga

Today Lacover produces colors of all possible shades of white, gray and beige. Green, brown and blue tones are started. Until the end of 2017 the plant will produce paint of all colors of the rainbow. Lacover produces products of all major types:

Polyester coatings for outdoor use, resistant to abrasion, weathering and UV rays. The sphere of their application is the painting of window frames and doors, building facade elements, billboards, agricultural equipment and other metal structures that are outside the premises.

Epoxy coatings, thanks to their high protective and anticorrosion properties, are used to cover products that are exposed to chemical attack, ( and also to obtain decorative effect. They paint equipment for the metallurgical and chemical industry, street furniture, household equipment.

One of the most demanded among Ukrainian customers is epoxy polyester coating. Products painted with such coating differ by  attractive appearance, good gloss. It is perfect for interior work and helps to create a decorative coating effect. Such paint covers office furniture, household appliances, refrigeration and commercial equipment. The company is proud of the fact that due to the availability of experienced specialists and modern equipment it can produce for the customer the paint of the desired shade (when ordering from 100 kg) in just a week.

Quality up to par

In the laboratory of the Lacover plant, modern equipment is installed that allows to maintain control over the quality of raw materials (from verified suppliers) and manufactured products to high international standards. The preparation of the plant for certification according to ISO 9001 has begun.

In the fourth quarter of this year, a high-precision laser particle size analyzer of 990 LT (Cilas, France) was purchased for the laboratory, which makes it possible to control the dispersion of the paint. “The properties of powder materials largely depend on the size of the constituent particles, so granulometric analysis is one of the most important elements in laboratory development and production. The laser particle analyzer will help to make the most useful paint, when sprayed, as few particles as possible fall off, and the waste is minimized, “- says the company’s director Olga Kovalchuk.

Also in the laboratory of the plant there are installed a laboratory extruder, a spray chamber, a polymerization furnace and other innovative equipment for testing the mechanical and physical properties of coating. Each batch of the product is tested for adhesion, cross-cut method according to the standard, flexibility, impact strength, Buchholz hardness. For each paint, a sample is made on a metal plate, which is subsequently stored in the plant’s archive.

To potential customers who want to try Lacover products, the company gives for free 1-5 kg ​​of paint of the desired color. “We are confident in our product and we offer our customers to make sure of its quality. If customers have questions or problems with the technology of powder coating, our team of professionals will promptly provide assistance and provide the necessary consultation, “says the plant’s director.

Life rainbow

Lacover powder coating plant invests money not only in the development of production and purchase of new equipment, but also in charity. “Life rainbow”  project started to help children since November  with the “Ukrainian Charity Exchange” to provide financial support to children who were hit by misfortune.

“We believe that if a person has the opportunity to help someone, then he must use it and do good deeds.” We want to share our own experience and encourage other people to take part in the fates of children who have suffered a serious illness. Unfortunately, none of us, regardless of the level of prosperity or social status, is immune from similar life situations, these children are the same as ours, but they are deprived of the opportunity to rejoice at every day and are forced to fight for their lives. ” – says Olga Kovalchuk

This means that when you buy Lacover powder coating, you help the children with the Lacover team.

The permanent client and partner of the Lacover plant – Krasylivskyj Aggregate Plant applied to the company for assistance to military from unit B2970, bravely and staunchly performing tasks in the area of ​​the ATO. The soldiers needed materials to equip the mobile bath and laundry complex. The decision of the Lacover plant management was unequivocal: to support the partners and help the soldiers. Missing components were purchased by the company and transferred to the location of the unit.

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There is no harm in dreaming!

Olga shares successes, plans and dreams about the fame of the Lacover plant around the world and looks at the clock, because a modern businessman’s  every minute counts . Her company is rapidly stepping forward and is doing everything possible to provide demanding customers with decent quality and an acceptable price for the Ukrainian product, and for people – jobs, social guarantees and affordable assistance.

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