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Courage boxes from Lacover

Many little cancer patients go through a lot of painful procedures during treatment. All the worst happens to them in the treatment room: they install catheters, do punctures. Not all adults can tolerate this easily.

To reward children for courage and patience, volunteers from the Pill Foundation have put up boxes of courage in the wards of hospitals. They help children cope with fear and withstand painful procedures. They include gifts for children. And everyone who has undergone a painful procedure receives a bright award. Toys help them get away from the pain and feel much braver.

On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, the whole Lacover team decided to give the children some joy and smiles. We have collected 3 boxes of toys. And already on Monday we will send them to volunteers for distribution to offices.

We really enjoy helping those in need. We are convinced that it is very easy and the main thing is to have a desire. That’s why the Lacover team wants to inspire even more people to help others.

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