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E-GUN series

There are many types of techniques for applying powder coating. You can do without something, but not without a paint gun. They are produced by many companies with different characteristics and for different needs. It is not easy to choose among them.

In this article, we will take a look at what the “Electron Ukraine” company offers us.

Principle of operation

Why is a spray gun so necessary? Because powder that is not charged with static electricity will simply fall off the surface. And under the action of “static” it will stick evenly to the products. Glass or ceramics, which do not conduct current well, have to be heated to the melting point of the powder material. Sometimes a metal spring is inserted into the product.

Such equipment provides the necessary charge and sprays the paint. Therefore, it requires a stable connection to the power grid, although it works with low voltages.

Advantages of Electron equipment

The manufacturer creates technological equipment. You get not only the necessary basis for work, but also a tool for monitoring and improving the quality of the coating. The equipment sends voltage signals back to the control unit – it is much easier to adjust than in other models. The case is antistatic – adds comfort to work. It is connected via a PUR cable. This is additional security. The special design of the electrodes and the nozzle facilitates easy cleaning.

It has additional nozzles: two extensions, nozzles at an angle of 45° and 90° and FAST CORONA. The gun is not equipped with its own compartment for loose mass. It is connected to E-COAT series units that have tanks or a place to install the box.

Don’t waste time on exhausting searches – order from our website.

Choose a quality one – work calmly.

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