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Series of E-robots from Electron

When painting with powder paint, many troubles and accidents can happen or just ordinary human carelessness. After that, defects appear, the coating is chipping and peels off. However, if the environment is fully automated, the whole process will be more stable and controlled.

The company “Electron” has developed equipment that creates such conditions.

Advantages of the E-robot series

In the case of a large number of products, an automatic line cannot be dispensed with. Then a robot with a programmable logic controller is required. It applies the powder quickly and precisely. The thickness of the baked film is always the same on each product. The layer will lie down evenly, and the accuracy of spraying will save a large amount of powder.

The controller is perfectly synchronized with the piston mechanisms. It has a touch panel ― it is very easy to manage, so staff training will not cost expensive downtime production.

But no best craftsman can replace this easy-to-use machine.

Features of E-robot

The paint is fed through a powder pump. The loose mass is uniformly fed to paint gun. The customer adjusts their number himself ― from 2 to as much as needed. Producer understands the individual needs of the client, therefore has a special approach to all orders.

99 programs satisfy any need: simple painting of pure metal, galvanized iron; repainting; coating on mesh products. They designed for different textures ― one for metallic, the other for shagreen. With a change of program the amount of material supplied, its charge and resistance changes.

The equipment automatically records the total working time and the last shift.

Technology makes life much easier for us. The E-robot series is a profitable investment. It will help you develop your business, find new customers and reach a qualitatively higher level. Order it on our website.

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