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IKEA projects with powder coatings

Ten years ago, the multinational corporation began a close cooperation with manufacturers of paint and varnish products. A large number of her pieces are covered in different types of powders that create an iconic minimalist aesthetic.

Let’s take a closer look at the seemingly simple chair.

Photo by  Rabie Madaci  on  Unsplash

What is covered with powders?

All those bright colors, so attractive to shoppers in stores, are a layer of baked powder mass. It doesn’t sound nice, but it looks good, provides the product durability. List of dyed products:

  • flower pots
  • vases
  • racks
  • chairs
  • fastening
  • stands
  • table frames
  • hangers and many more.

Furniture and decor items should inspire coziness in the home. Ikea had special requests, such as a soft-touch surface. Therefore, the corporation has established a network of powder paint suppliers and orders special coatings specifically for its products.

Photo by  Adam Kolmacka  on  Unsplash

Is such a cooperation possible in Ukraine?

Lakover has been steadily serving its customers for the thirteenth year. A wide range of regular customers proves our reliability. We have our own laboratory and are capable create a new paint for any need. The laboratory is equipped with high-precision devices that make errors in the recipe impossible. We employ chemical specialists with academic degrees. The plant itself has modern high-tech equipment. Ingredients are purchased from the largest and most reliable manufacturers in the world: Allnex, Basf, Kronos, BYK. Permanent technical support allows you to avoid many problems in painting metal objects.

The company entered the foreign markets of Azerbaijan, Moldova and Poland. Therefore, Ukrainian products are in no way inferior to the world ones and are of a high quality by European standards and the RAL standard.

Lacover is a reliable business partner. We support the development of Ukrainian businessmen with a quality product and stable service. Call +38 (067) 536 53 64. We are always open to cooperation here.

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