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Polymer powder coating: bending test

Manufacturers of powder materials and companies that use them are interested in a high-quality product. The painted layer is subjected to various tests. The sample is bent, scraped, hit. This is necessary to determine the most important quality indicators: hardness, strength, adhesion. The color accuracy is checked separately with a colorimeter — because it must be in accordance with the RAL Classic catalog.

This article is about the meaning of bending test of coatings.

Goal of the test

This test is primarily intended to check the adhesiveness of the polymer film. If the powder coating does not harden effectively on the surface of the product/part, it will begin to peel within a short period of time. Then the iron is at risk of corrosion, mechanical damage, and later the destruction of the whole structure. The powder material should reliably isolate the metal from external influences.

Flexural strength is also important in determining the damage resistance of an object. Various things are covered with powder paint: posts, racks, carts, fasteners, doors, bicycle frames, fences. During the using, there is a high risk of hits and scratches. If the hardened powder coating does not peel off after the impact and retains its integrity, the product will last a long time with the inflicted dent without fear of rust.


You can use special devices for testing, but it is possible to do everything yourself. Manual verification does not require much effort. The plate is bent and checked for cracks. A strong tape is stuck on top of the deformed surface and it is sharply peeled off. No traces of paint should remain on it.

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