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Powder coating in the production of agricultural machinery

Modern agricultural equipment – huge machines that allow you to quickly cultivate the land or harvest crops. One farmer with professional equipment is able to take care after much larger plots of land than before. Accordingly, the profit also increases. However, a good combine can cost up to half a million dollars. Therefore, it should work reliably. But for this, you need a powder coating.

What is painted with powder coating?

Agricultural machinery endures greater loads than an ordinary car or truck. And it works at higher capacities. A large number of details are covered with reliable powder paints:
• motor
• running gear
• some brake parts
• cylinders for sifting grain
• grain harvesting augers
• rotors
• grilles and much more.

Plows, seed drills, cultivators, tractors work directly with the soil. Such remanent is constantly in contact with moisture, chemical fertilizers and small abrasive particles. In addition to small pebbles and sand, there are large stones, roots, and debris. All this causes serious damage to the coating. Only powder materials are fused into a solid polymer film and perfectly withstand such conditions. The powders are completely ecological and safe – they do not affect the soil, water, environment and harvested crops.

What is the specificity of application?

Because the risks of damage are high, the coating must be extremely durable. Manufacturers of agricultural machinery have quality control departments where they check the paint on hardness, adhesion, elasticity, resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet. The thickness of the layer should be from 80 to 120 microns. High-quality painted equipment will last up to 15 years.

Polyester paint is mainly used in this field, because it is resistant to atmospheric factors and retains its original color for a long time. The good appearance and shine will be preserved for decades.

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