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Colour you may choose

It’s already eight months as the factory of powder coating Lacover has been working near Kyiv. It is the largest producer of such products in the Ukrainian market: in such a short period, 140 tons of brand coating were produced. The formula for the success of the company is quite simple – guaranteed quality at an adequate price.

Recently the industry has passes from the use of liquid paint to powder technology, which provides an aesthetic appearance of products, quality coverage and protection from external factors for many years. Besides, it is much more environmentally friendly than liquid, both in production and at all stages of use.

Refrigerating and trading equipment, ATMs, door handles, all kinds of accessories, heating equipment, washing machines, boilers, gas stoves, sports equipment, car trailers, disks, microwaves, aluminum profiles, road signs, mailboxes, furniture, beds, chairs, bicycles , pallets, radiators, electric cabinets, agricultural machines, lighting fixtures, boilers – all this is painted with powder coating. Ukrainian producers of equipment and machinery support the world trend and they pass to this kind of paints in the majority. The key issue for them remains the choice of brand. The usual imported brands have become unjustifiably expensive in the context of currency fluctuations of last years, and the domestic brands are not trusted by habit. However, the establishments for this purpose are available: “the garage industry” blossomed again with the corresponding standards “on the  eye”. Nevertheless, the alternative not just exists, it is more than worthy.

Cost of the Ukrainian Lacover brand powder coating is lower than the foreign analogues by 5-10%, and the quality is not inferior to them not a percent.

“For us the trust of clients is the most important, therefore we use high-quality raw materials from the reliable and well-known Turkish supplier,  strictly maintain the production technology, we carry out strict internal control of each lot of coating”, – the director of the company Olga Kovalchuk tells.

Two modern, maximally automated and equipped lines are operated at the factory. Having launched the second line, the production volume increased to 30 tons per month. There is a laboratory, departments of quality control of raw materials, quality control of products. For each batch of Lacover coating, technical charts are created, sample metal plates are stored in the archive.

“The testing of the product is carried out in the company’s laboratory,” says the director. “We test the adhesion by the cross-cut method according to the standard, the impact strength: Lacover coating can withstand a 60-pound impact without breaking the coating, flexibility: the bending of the metal plate with paints and varnishes must not be violated, hardness in the Buchholt, that is, with indentation.

In the near future, such tests as salt fog and laser particle analyzer will be added. In a special chamber, the paint will be tested for 1000 hours in an aggressive environment. For example, if you paint the fence and put it near the sea, then the conditions there will differ significantly from the conditions in Kyiv. A laser particle analyzer will help to make the most useful paint, the spaying process gonna be more economically justified and waste minimized”, -emphasizes Olga Kovalchuk.

High-quality powder coating is not rubbed and does not peel for more than 10 years, but the actual conditions may differ from laboratory ones. The director notes that consumers can deviate from the coating application technology. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product in addition to application and the correct preparation of the surface to be painted.

Lacover constantly searches for new approaches and methods improving quality of its products, primarily through quality components, thus tries to keep the prices at comprehensible level.

100 shades of white

On the first line Lacover produces  white, grey and beige color coating. On the second, recently installed line, we began to produce a different color range: green, red, blue tones.

“Approximately 40% of the powder coating used in the world are white. There are standard RAL-catalogs, which all manufacturers adhere to, and so do we. We only produce about 10 shades of white, and even more. We can actually produce any tone of white paint for the customer, which is what attracts large factories. For example, white batteries can be painted in the color of milk, melted milk, have a bluish or pinkish hue, “- says Olga Kovalchuk.

Customers appreciate that Lacover develops colors according to their wishes and strictly observes the tint from batch to batch. It is enough to order from 100 kg of Lacover coating, and it will be just “your” shade.

In addition to various shades, the range of colors includes matte, semi-matt, textured surfaces.

A novelty for the Ukrainian market is the white heat-resistant Lacover coating, which can withstand 40 minutes at the temperature of 200 degrees without losing color and changing technical characteristics. From the manufacturer’s point of view, this is advantageous, since such a paint will not give yellowness during roasting  temperature regime. As the director explains, the heat resistance is related to the polymerization process and the quality of the resin that is used to make the paint.

Checked in operation

Having tested Lacover coating in work, several large Ukrainian producers became regular customers of the company. Among them – LLC “HydroProm” (Odessa), which produces gas and electric water heating equipment Nova Tec. Krasilovsky aggregate plant (Krasilov, Khmelnytsky region) paints with Ukrainian powder coating produced convectors, heating and water-heating boilers. PJSC “Mayak” (Vinnytsia) acquires paints for painting oil-filled electric radiators, electric boilers and electric convectors.

Many factories-producers from Ukraine and abroad (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia) are looking for powder coating from Lacover on its site However, the company has not exported, yet, it is necessary to increase production volumes and launch a third line to produce all colors of the rainbow.

Try it for free

Many factories, who got used to buy imported powder coating, are dissatisfied with the  quality falling  and raising prices, but continue to buy from old suppliers. Manufacturers focused mainly on the markets of Ukraine and Russia are working on reducing the cost of their products, often reducing the quality.

“Lacover is so confident in the quality of the products that we give 1-5 kg ​​of coating to the new customers – as much as it takes to test the product.” After the test, customers are often ready to switch to Lacover coating, but sometimes they doubt whether we will be able to keep quality on the same level? ” – Olga is smiling. – “However, for 8 months of our work there were no complaints, all customers are satisfied.”

Lacover’s experts are ready to come to the consumer, to consider the wishes of the client, to produce  a certain or develop a special shade or texture of paint for him. And most importantly, to make any special order within a week. For comparison: if a customer has special wishes for an imported producer, chooses a color or an invoice that is not in Ukraine, the delivery will require a minimum of 2-3 weeks. Additional plus for Lacover – production technologist can always go to the client’s plant and together on the spot solve any questions on its use.

In the new 2017, the company plans to conduct excursions around the plant for all comers. First of all for large enterprises, which independently paint their products. The goal is to show how the lines work, how the laboratory control is carried out. Lacover specialists are ready to come by invitation, to hold a presentation, to train the staff of the paint shop with the finer details of work with powder coating. The desire to help the client is not only a sales tool for the company, but also one of the principles of doing business.

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