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Draft social aid to children: “Rainbow of Life”

Lacover launched a project to help children

помощь детям с различными заболеваниями


Direction: help children with various diseases.

Deadline: December 2016 – December 2017

Project page on the website of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange


помощь детям с различными заболеваниями

Project Objectives:

    • Collect funds needed to help children in treatment.
    • Attracting attention and informing the public about the stages and results of the social project.

    Previously, we were engaged in charity ourselves and without publicity: donated certain amounts to help children, passed on things. Now we have the opportunity to enter a different level of assistance, which we are very happy!

    We believe that if a person has the opportunity to help someone, then he must use it and do good deeds. We want to share our own experiences and encourage other people to take part in the fate of children who have had a difficult test with serious illnesses. Unfortunately, none of us, regardless of the level of prosperity or social status, is immune from similar life situations. These children are the same as ours with you, but they are deprived of the opportunity to rejoice at every day and are forced to fight for their lives.

    People who are in need of financial and moral support, they need faith in the fact that their child can cope with the disease. We are trying our best to give them this support!

    We launch a project to help children “Rainbow of Life” and open a fundraising for transfer to the Ukrainian Charity Exchange.

    Let’s together help restore bright colors in the lives of our little Ukrainians!

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