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Is it possible to paint aluminum with powder paint?

Aluminum is a durable and lightweight material. Due to its properties, it is ideal for use in the automotive, household appliances, doors, furniture, windows and more. And the low price made it the most popular material in the world.

For aluminum products to last as long as possible, they must be additionally protected from the negative effects by painting. And here comes the difficult choice of paint for aluminum.

If you doubted whether it was possible to paint aluminum with powder paint, then we would say with confidence “Yes, it is possible and even necessary”. Because only powder paint can provide the metal maximum protection and at the same time for a long time will not lose its decorative properties.

However, in powder coating it is very important to adhere to the technology and carefully prepare the material for coating.

алюминий порошковой краской

Preparation of aluminum for painting

If the painted part contains rust, oxide film or other plaque, it must first be sandblasted or manually cleaned. Then the part is degreased with special means. Degrease the metal either by spraying the product onto the product, or by immersing it in bathtubs, with a pre-filled degreaser. Jet cleaning is suitable for heavily soiled surfaces, since in addition to chemical, they also have a physical effect on dirt.

When a product is degreased, it is etched. This procedure removes the oxide film from aluminum. If not removed, the adhesion of the surface will be extremely bad, and because of this, the paint will quickly lose its decorative and protective properties.

The product is etched in a special bath with hydrochloric, phosphoric and sulfuric acid solution.

As a rule, before painting aluminum profile and other products of this material, they are chromed. This increases the adhesion and durability of the coating at least twice. Chromatization is carried out after etching. This process is to treat the product with a thin layer of chromium phosphate.

However, chromatization is often not used, which affects the durability and quality of the coating.

After each stage of preparation, the metal should be thoroughly washed with water.

Immediately after all the preparatory procedures, paint is applied to aluminum. It is important not to delay with this, because over time, the metal will again appear dust and have to repeat everything.

алюминий порошковой краской

Aluminum powder coating technology  

Powder paint is applied to the product by hand or automatic spray. This is done in the spraying booth equipped with an extractor hood. They collect all the unsettled powder and send it to the bin for reuse.

Then the product is sent to the polymerization furnace, where the curing of the coating is held.

It is very important that the equipment is matched to the size of the painted products. If long aluminum profiles are painted, automatic painting lines should be installed with pass-through spraying chambers and polymerization furnaces. And the devices of deadlock type are better used for coating discs and other small details.

Do not forget about the quality of the paint. Powder paint for aluminum profiles and other products of this metal must have certificates of conformity. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the powder coating will be of high quality and durable.

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