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Motorcycle powder painting

Painting a motorcycle with powder paint is a modern way of protecting it from damage and making it bright for a long time.

Powder paint has long established itself as a quality and durable material. It is gradually replacing the liquid in many areas. The only drawback of powder paint is that it requires special equipment to be applied. Of course, craftsmen can do this at home, too, by constructing most of the equipment themselves. We have already written about this in detail before.

But we recommend you to entrust this process to professionals to avoid many defects in powder coating.

Advantages of powder painting

Due to the powder coating, the metal elements are less prone to mechanical damage. Almost no scratches and other traces are visible. Therefore, thanks to the powder coating of the motorcycle’s wings, there will be less traces after falling on the motorcycle than on the painted with liquid paint. And the bike will look almost like new. And powder paint withstands high loads and is resistant to the negative effects of the atmosphere.

In addition, powder painting is cheaper than liquid.

Powder paint has a huge variety of colors and textures to choose from. Thanks to this, you can create a bright and unusual design for your motorcycle.

Popular color combinations

People often paint the motorcycle so that the new parts do not differ in color from the old ones. Very popular is painting motorcycle frame and fork matte color, and the exhaust pipe shiny chrome.

Motorcycle powder painting

The discs in the color of the frame or body look great. But the variant, when the wheels in general differ in color from the whole motorcycle, too, is very popular.

Often paints with different textures are used to paint motorcycle parts. Powder paint is the best in this. It allows you to get a wide variety of textures. For example, orange peel, shagreen, antique, metallic, crocodile or moiré.

You can safely powder paint a motorcycle engine. And make it special too.

Powder coating technology

Powder painting requires careful cleaning of parts. Especially those which have already been exploited. To begin with, they must be sandblasted to remove dirt, dust, rust and scale. It is necessary to remove the old paint. Then degreasing with special means. If necessary, the colored product is etched and chromated.

Only after all pre-treatment procedures they are painted. Cleaning cannot be neglected, otherwise painting a motorcycle tank and all its other parts will not produce the expected results. The final coating will be of poor quality and will soon become unusable.

Apply a powder coating in the spray booth with a spray. The workpiece is then sent to the polymerization furnace, where a final coating is formed.

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